Thursday, November 28, 2013


It has been a stressful time here lately, but I'm so thankful for my amazing husband, who I love more than anything, and this perfect little babe growing inside me.  My heart is full!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A New Home for Three

We can cross one thing off our list before bebe gets here - a new home!  Yes, we found a house for rent for our growing family, and we couldn't be happier.  Daniel and I tend to be really picky when it comes to home details, but we knew we had to lighten up because you are never going to find the PERFECT house.  There's always going to be things you want to change, but for the most part, this little 1938 bungalow fits our tastes.

There's original hard wood floors, crown molding, a fireplace, and a sizable backyard...all things that were on our "wish list."  But then with all the charm of an old home comes all the quirks...small kitchen, small bathroom, old cabinets, cracks, etc.  Those are the things we have to let go and just get used to.  We don't have too much more time to look... bebe will be here in less than 2 months!

So after the major clean out we will be doing (and I mean MAJOR), we are still going to have to find some space saving solutions.  (Who knew this little bebe could come along with so much stuff!)  I've been searching pinterest for ideas that are practical but still look good, and some of my finds are above.  The major areas we are going to have to cut down on are the kitchen (where are all my dishes going to go?), decor (we will finally have to find a bookshelf and a space for my magazines) and of course, the closet (Ahh!).

I think this is a good change for us though; we need to get rid of all the junk we've accumulated over the past 5 years of marriage and start new with just the basics.

It's a new chapter and we are definitely ready for it.  If you want to follow more of my choices, you can find me on pinterest here.

Now, time to start packing!

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