Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snack: Avocado Toast

The hubby actually thought I just made this concoction up the other day, but with much persistence I convinced him that avocado toast is a "real" thing.  (I kinda wish I had made it up though because then I could gladly take all the credit!)

Have you tried it?  If not, you must.  All you need is 1) toast 2) avocado 3) salt and pepper - that's it!  Of course you can get all fancy and add whatever extra fixings you want, but I like to keep it simple.  Simple, fast and tasty, that's my kind of meal anytime!

pic via eye-swoon (I just found this blog and am now obsessed.  Where have I been?!) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Off to the Weekend

This weekend we are heading to Chicago - woo who!  I'm excited for 2 reasons 1) to have a little break from the mundane work week and 2) to enjoy my last little bit of the cold before our scorching Texas summer comes to claim its territory.  (And of course, to spend some "fun" time with the hubby!  That's my favorite reason for pretty much everything!)

So, I'll be layering up and enjoying every minute of it because layers just so happen to be my best friend.  It's probably my last chance for coats, sweaters and blazers, so you can bet I'm packing them all.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Shop Called Dirt

Those of you who know me personally know that I'm obsessed with Dirt.  It is by far the best flower shop in Dallas.  All the arrangements and succulents are unique, quirky and stunning.  (There's not much better than a quirky flower arrangement in my book.  Traditional can be so boring, and Dirt is far from that!)

A couple of weekends ago, we stopped by (because whenever I'm in Bishop Arts, I have to stop by just to look at and be in awe of pretty flowers) and surprise surprise - they were prepping for a wedding.  I was enchanted by all the one of a kind centerpieces and arrangements.  It took me back to my wedding and my dream of having a second one someday.  (Of course it would be with the same hubby, even though he thinks I'm crazing for wanting a second one!)  All in all, I could have stayed in that little flower shop all day studying each vase and it's beautiful inhabitants.

If you are in Dallas and haven't been by Dirt, do yourself a favor and stop by just to take a gander.  But just as a warning, it will be hard to leave empty handed.  Who can resist a succulent!?!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light vs Dark

I saw this image last night on pinterest and was immediately drawn to the light wood and colors.  It was so light and airy that it made me question my long time dream of dark wood floors.  Only question, not abandon...yet.

I had sworn to have dark wood floors in my dream home one day, but I surprised myself by thinking I could make do (and even enjoy) this lighter version.  I'm liking it...kinda a lot!  But then my heart skips a beat when I look at the floor below.

What's a girl to do?  Too many options.  Solution:  two homes.  Problem solved.

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