Monday, August 30, 2010


image via people

Best dressed of the night by a mile! Stunning Versace, messy hair, simple makeup - you just can't get much better than that! January's such a favorite of mine. She can do no wrong in my book!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy Style

images via instyle & people

I guess when the domestic bug bites you, thinking about kids starts to creep into the picture. Well, I'm thinking, but that's about it! When you think more about styling the little one than actually raising them, that's a pretty sure sign that you need a little more time. Don't you think? So that's where I'm at in the process.

Once you become a mom, you shouldn't lose your style but embrace it during this new stage in your life. Some of my favorite stylish moms are above and incorporate their little ones into their style seamlessly!

PS - Don't worry, this blog isn't going to be about celebrities!

In The Kitchen Part 2

For some reason I'm always attracted to a good cluttered, bohemian kitchen. (Give me a break, I'm a bohemian girl!) Maybe its because I can relate due to the size of our tiny, cramped kitchen. Why don't they make townhouses in the city with huge spacious kitchens? Wait, I know - because there aren't huge spacious townhouses in the city! Makes sense, I guess.

The hubby hates it when I bring home new dishes/kitchenware because we have absolutely no more space to store them (and I mean no more space!)

But the heart wants what the heart wants. My motto is when you love something deeply - you can find a place for it! And that's why we have storage problems in our kitchen.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


image via jak and jill

What I wouldn't do for the Celine bag of the season! Perfection!

In The Kitchen Part 1

images via 1.2. dress design decor & 3.4.5. design sponge

Jaw-dropping gorgeousness! These kitchens are absolutely breathtaking! They evoke such an elegant richness that a lot of kitchens lack, but are still comfortable enough to get down and dirty when the job calls for it. I am loving the industrial-relaxed feel they bring to the table (pun intended!)

As I suggested in my previous post, I'm on a little domestic kick - so I have a lot more kitchens to share in the coming days! Stay tuned and lets start cooking!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living in a Dream

Images via Elle Decor

I know all these rooms are completely different styles, but somehow they all intrigue me in the same way. They have a certain non-chalant, easy elegance to them that mixes high-style with casual comfort. I could easily see myself at home in each and every one of them. (And trust me, I would never want to leave!)

And that kitchen! Don't get me going - I have been so taken with kitchens lately and secretly dreaming of how I would build my own dream kitchen one day. I guess my domestic side is starting to bloom.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mini Me

I imagine my little one to look somewhat like the precious little shopper above. She knows what she's doing and doesn't mess around!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Made a quick edit to the Eat Pray Love post below. Scroll on down and take a peek!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Julia, The Great!

Images via Elle

Can she get any more gorgeous?! I mean come on! What is there not to love about this girl? (Ok, I guess she's a woman - she does have 3 kiddos.) I think the spread in the September issue of Elle is absolutely, knock your socks off, kick you in the stomach, drop-dead gorgeous! Yes, you heard me correctly - gorgeous!! I get so excited by an editorial spread that isn't just "pretty." Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with "pretty," but a good "reach in the dirt, lets dig out everything and throw it on the table" spread makes my heart jump for joy!

I love the beautiful raw edginess of the first photo that just knocks you square in the face - pow! And then the serene simplicity of the second photo is so graceful it makes you just want to stop and cherish all the emotions being portrayed. (Also makes me want to have a little one with red hair and pale skin. It could happen!)

But those last three - don't even get me going! Exactly a bohemian girl's dream! That messy hair, awkward posing, free-spirited vibe expressed might just be my ultimate editorial. And the hat! Love, love, love - inspires me to pull out my own and plop it on over my messy hair with just about anything to walk down the street - I mean "swagger" down the street! It gives you that groove that you need to carry with you through the day.

I know most don't get that invested in fashion spreads in magazines, but as you'll learn I can get totally carried away. You might have to pull me back into reality sometimes. Just a warning!

Bottom line - gorgeous, intriguing Julia spread by Elle!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Yesterday I went and saw Eat Pray Love with a dear friend (love ya, Becca!) and I have to say it was really good (even though I basically cried through the whole thing.) You never know how a highly anticipated film with a superb actress will play out, but man, oh man, it did not disappoint. I was super excited about it for the past couple of months, but then I started to worry that I was placing too much hype on the film only to be let down once I saw it. Not the case - I enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would. And Julia Roberts! Julia, Julia, Julia - can you deliver anything but greatness?! She has been and remains one of my favorite actors of all time.

Edit -- Although, I don't support and endorse the beliefs of the film, I do believe it can open up issues and struggles that everyone deals with. Having a sense of peace within is a big struggle for most people, and the only way you can truly have that is with Jesus Christ. The film doesn't point to that, but bottom line is one cannot exist without the other. You can search and search in this life and never be truly satisfied. Yes, a "good life" might be in the picture, but that is not the goal of this life. I believe the movie was great and entertaining, but there is a greater truth that was not portrayed in the storyline.

PS - I have edited this post because the hubby brought to my attention that it came across very vague the first time around and wasn't portraying my beliefs very clearly. I am so thankful to have a partner that looks out for me and wants only the best for me. I never want to portray myself as something I'm not or support something I don't.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's All In The Details!

Images Styled by Sibella Court via Design Sponge & Daily Imprint

Styling is all in the details, as is life! Those little breaths in between the moments is what makes life, well life. The same philosophy is applied to styling. Most people think you can just throw things together and that's how something comes about. But, are they oh so wrong! Take a look at the images above more closely, and even though everything looks casually tossed about - there is a meticulous process of placing things in an exact spot. The placement completes every detail which allows those simple breaths to come to life!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, more Sibella!

Catch your breath. Now breathe in and out slowly. Yes, isn't it pure genius. She does simplicity mixed with clutter so well, and it just looks so inviting. You all know I love the random hodge-podge of design, but she just takes it to another level. Sibella Court, you have transformed the design/style industry in the best possible way!

PS - Just have to point out that stairwell. Perfectly, my style!

PSS - If you haven't checked out her book Etcetera, you must! I could seriously get lost in it for hours and find myself going through it over and over and over and over and over (OK, you get the picture) again. Definitely money well spent!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It just can't get any better than Sibella Court!

image via daily imprint

I have to admit - I have been in love with Sibella Court's designs ever since the first time I laid eyes on them. She is like my styling soul-mate (if there is such a thing!) This is just a tiny sneak peak at her brilliance - her NY apartment. I will be posting about her all week long so don't worry your pretty little heads - there will be more. Just hold tight!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Photography via Kate Mefford

Do you ever need a little pick-me-up? After the rough day I had yesterday, I was definitely in need! I have a no-fail trick that instantly lifts my mood - my wedding dress, Carrie! Yes, I named her because such beautiful couture needs a name not just a style number. When I put her on, I am instantly in a better mood. I instantly feel more beautiful, more elegant, more everything! Couture can do that to you girls! That's my little secret! Love her!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Head in the Clouds

Sometimes do you just need to get away from reality? Well, as a matter of fact, I feel that way a lot. Somehow gazing up into the sky seeing those white puffs just stuck up there slowing gliding along their way brings me a sense of serenity. They bring a calmness to my Type-A world. And aren't they just flat out gorgeous! I have been obsessed lately.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's Ready for Fall?

images found via Apartment 34

OK, this heat is killing me! I feel like I can't breath when I walk outside - that can't be normal! The only thing that keeps me from melting is knowing that Fall is just around the corner! Fall, oh how I love thee! You are my favorite of all the seasons, and I can't wait for you to come knock knock knockin' every year. Another good thing about a change in season - new collections! Yeah baby - shopping time!

I know Jcrew is a big hit around the blog world, but who can blame 'em! Jcrew has taken a huge leap in the past couple of years in the styling department and overall presentation of their collections.

Who wouldn't want to be a hippie-fied, clean cut, thrown together, bohemian (yes, bohemian) prepster?!

Oh, how that bright lip gets me every time! Every single time, I tell you. There's nothing better than a muted palette with a banging bright lip.