Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Julia, The Great!

Images via Elle

Can she get any more gorgeous?! I mean come on! What is there not to love about this girl? (Ok, I guess she's a woman - she does have 3 kiddos.) I think the spread in the September issue of Elle is absolutely, knock your socks off, kick you in the stomach, drop-dead gorgeous! Yes, you heard me correctly - gorgeous!! I get so excited by an editorial spread that isn't just "pretty." Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with "pretty," but a good "reach in the dirt, lets dig out everything and throw it on the table" spread makes my heart jump for joy!

I love the beautiful raw edginess of the first photo that just knocks you square in the face - pow! And then the serene simplicity of the second photo is so graceful it makes you just want to stop and cherish all the emotions being portrayed. (Also makes me want to have a little one with red hair and pale skin. It could happen!)

But those last three - don't even get me going! Exactly a bohemian girl's dream! That messy hair, awkward posing, free-spirited vibe expressed might just be my ultimate editorial. And the hat! Love, love, love - inspires me to pull out my own and plop it on over my messy hair with just about anything to walk down the street - I mean "swagger" down the street! It gives you that groove that you need to carry with you through the day.

I know most don't get that invested in fashion spreads in magazines, but as you'll learn I can get totally carried away. You might have to pull me back into reality sometimes. Just a warning!

Bottom line - gorgeous, intriguing Julia spread by Elle!

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