Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's Ready for Fall?

images found via Apartment 34

OK, this heat is killing me! I feel like I can't breath when I walk outside - that can't be normal! The only thing that keeps me from melting is knowing that Fall is just around the corner! Fall, oh how I love thee! You are my favorite of all the seasons, and I can't wait for you to come knock knock knockin' every year. Another good thing about a change in season - new collections! Yeah baby - shopping time!

I know Jcrew is a big hit around the blog world, but who can blame 'em! Jcrew has taken a huge leap in the past couple of years in the styling department and overall presentation of their collections.

Who wouldn't want to be a hippie-fied, clean cut, thrown together, bohemian (yes, bohemian) prepster?!

Oh, how that bright lip gets me every time! Every single time, I tell you. There's nothing better than a muted palette with a banging bright lip.

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