Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Shop Called Dirt

Those of you who know me personally know that I'm obsessed with Dirt.  It is by far the best flower shop in Dallas.  All the arrangements and succulents are unique, quirky and stunning.  (There's not much better than a quirky flower arrangement in my book.  Traditional can be so boring, and Dirt is far from that!)

A couple of weekends ago, we stopped by (because whenever I'm in Bishop Arts, I have to stop by just to look at and be in awe of pretty flowers) and surprise surprise - they were prepping for a wedding.  I was enchanted by all the one of a kind centerpieces and arrangements.  It took me back to my wedding and my dream of having a second one someday.  (Of course it would be with the same hubby, even though he thinks I'm crazing for wanting a second one!)  All in all, I could have stayed in that little flower shop all day studying each vase and it's beautiful inhabitants.

If you are in Dallas and haven't been by Dirt, do yourself a favor and stop by just to take a gander.  But just as a warning, it will be hard to leave empty handed.  Who can resist a succulent!?!

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Cortney W. said...

Right now i'm totally envisioning a trip to Dallas JUST to drop by this little place! If only it were an option---there it goes to my bucket list ;)

Thanks for sharing!