Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Romantic!

Isn't this so romantic? I mean - an elopement out in the middle of the woods with the one you love the most - come on! Does it get any better?

Don't get me wrong, I think our wedding was absolutely sublime and loved every single second of it, but I have always had this dream about getting away from all the hustle and bustle to tie the knot just on our own. (I'm pretty sure it all started out when I was sucked in by Runaway Bride. Yes, the "final" ceremony at the end with just Julia Roberts and Richard Gere with all those fall colors - eek!)

So, if I could have a second "remembrance" ceremony (we'll call it that for now - I'm still trying to find a way to have a wedding every year) for the hubby and me - it would most definitely have to be something just as intimate and charming as this session by Jill Thomas.

images via 100 layer cake

PS - I'm loving the suspenders! Suspenders for every occasion, all the time!

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