Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The wind out there is a killer! The weather decided to bring us a little snow and ice today after teasing us with the sunshine all weekend. (Oh, how crazy!)

All I wanted to do was pile on the sweaters and park myself in front of a good movie, but that was not reality. Even though us southerners want to stop life as we know it once some little snowflakes come to visit, life must go on! We must function in the most un-functional environment possible. (
Yes, I'm exaggerating, forgive me. I know it's not un-functional and many people deal with way worse for way longer.)

It's just a little rough when you have ice all over your car with no ice scrapper! (Don't worry - the hubby came to the rescue . . . but with one of my kitchen spatulas!)

I'm going to be enjoying the sweaters for some time now. (I can feel the warmth!) The cold isn't leaving until next week!

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Kristen Brown said...

Omg I so thought this was you! I had to look super close! I was about to be like wow! Daniel must be really good with a camera!