Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Brides

The Bridesmaids

The Hair

Yes, I'm obsessed! There, I have admitted the obvious! BHLDN (pronounced "Beholden") is Anthropologie's version of a wedding boutique (launched February 14th) and man, oh man, did they nail it!

I am a lover of all things Anthropologie and am completely over the moon that they finally (FINALLY) ventured their way into the wedding-shere. My only compliant - they are 2 years too late! Why couldn't BHLDN existed when I was getting married?! It's alright - I'll survive! My wedding was mostly comprised of all things Anthropologie anyways! I'm still dreaming of that 2nd wedding extravaganza for one of our anniversaries! (Or all of them!)

I would take each and everyone of these dresses and hair accessories, and the styling is perfection!


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the very first dress most, but they are all just gorgeous. Her hair is simple yet elegant and I adore that!