Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clean Blue & White

I know posting has been a little sparse this week, but sometimes life just gets to going and there is little time for extras. Oh well, I promise this week will be better. And then next week, we'll be out on vacation - so posting will definitely be sparse or not at all. But I'll be back . . . if I have to!

With this heat wave (I guess all of summer is a heat wave in Texas) all I'm craving is clean, light spaces. And isn't blue and white the perfect combo?

I am in love with hydrangeas (in fact we have some in our little house now - pretty) and I would die for those white washed wood floors. (Ok, not die because then I couldn't enjoy them. You know what I mean.)

(Maybe I'm loving clean blue and white because it reminds me of the ocean. I don't know and does it really matter? It is pretty!)

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