Friday, February 10, 2012

Confession 007: Doughnuts

Sometimes I crave doughnuts.  I don't know why because every time I eat them they hurt my stomach.  I don't give into the craving very often, but once in a blue moon I indulge, and then end up in the same spot as always - with a stomach ache! 

I think what gets me is that doughnuts give me a great nostalgic feeling that nothing else can really compete with.  (Right, Andie?  You know what I'm talking about.)

What's your guilty pleasure?  (And just to remind you - it's Friday, calories don't count!)

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. said...

sometimes I crave on things junky when I'm sick. which is what i've eaten the past couple days and these donuts look DELICIOUS! You know there is a new donut shop opening in our area that is supposed to be gourmet donuts ;)