Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have already mentioned a time or two here that I'm not the most creative and daring when it comes to my hair.  I would be classified as the boring one who can be seen wearing her hair down, in a pony tail or a top knot.  (I don't stray too far from those three!)  But, on occasion, I can be seen rocking out a braid or two or many.  (Sometimes I like to make a couple of tiny braids all over that aren't so recognizable unless you are standing right next to me.  Makes me kind of feel like a rebel!) 

I say all this to say that I would like to sport the braid more often but always feel like it makes me look like a 7 year old.  (I already have that problem and don't really need anything to add to it!)  On others I don't think it looks young at all, but bohemian, free-spirited, carefree - everything I want to be. 

Why oh why am I stuck looking like the little sister and everyone else gets to be the cool hippie?

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