Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coat Fever

I am already searching for my winter coat (and have been for a while now...shh!)  and it was 81 degrees outside today!  Is that crazy?  I just can't help myself.  I look forward to Fall and Winter the most and start daydreaming about the coat I will get in April.

This year I'm going for something classic and simple.  (That's kind of what I've been all about lately.)  I found this coat at Zara and think it just might fit the bill.  It will last me a good couple of seasons, and it's roomy enough to cover the growing bump I'll have come November and December.

What style are you looking for in a coat this winter?  Colorful?  Crazy?  Tailored?  Fur?  Oh...and I'm on the hunt for the perfect fur (or faux fur).  I searched and searched last year for the "one" and had no luck, but I'm pretty sure this year is my year!  We're having a little...that's got to be good luck, right?

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