Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Simple Christmas

This year I am all about simplicity for the holidays.  Partly due to the fact that I'm almost 9 months pregnant and partly due to the fact that we're moving and my house is in boxes as we speak.  Somehow we always end up moving around Thanksgiving or Christmas, and we're bound to get out of this cycle on our next move.  (Which won't be for some time if it's up to me!)

With all the stress going on right now with work, holidays, moving, schedules and baby, I'm sticking to a simple (and I mean SIMPLE) Christmas.  And I'm loving all the Pinterest inspiration I'm finding to help me along in the process.

The hubby has been great about helping me to focus on what really matters because this is such a special time for us, but the type A personality in me wants everything done and done perfectly.  I'm having to let go and just take one day at a time, and that's really all we can do, right?

What do you have going on this season?  Is it crazy like it is here and you are ditching the over-the-top decor?  Or are you settled and decking out everything you can for this joyous season?

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Kelley said...

We kept decor to a simple minimum here--just the tree and a bit of garland on the mantle. Oh--and of course my favorite little wooden Santa, which you and Dan gave us a few years ago. He's perched on the coffee table; the house just wouldn't be complete with him!!