Tuesday, July 27, 2010

City Girl in the Country

So by and by I would consider myself a city girl! Yes, true to the core - I love the city! But once a year, we get to go to Colorado with the hubby's family and be truly "rugged". OK-so I don't know how much truly "rugged" I am, but I pretend anyway.

The hubby and I make a much needed trip every year before we head out to REI for gear and go on search for some "rugged-wear" at our normal city-wear spots. (I don't know how much rugged-wear you can get at the Gap, but this year the Gap was my go-to Colorado hotspot.) I loaded up on baggy-jeans, a military jacket (thank you Gap Kids!) and the all needed chambray shirt. And who would have thought that this would be the perfect season for all the goods to get much needed wear here in the city afterwards?!

OK-enough about the wardrobe (does that prove I'm a city girl?) and let's just marvel at the natural beauty the world has to offer. Even though I'm a city girl, I can still appreciate and enjoy the country!

And those clouds! Look at those clouds! I have been obsessed lately and will go more into that another time.

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