Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a boy and his chucks

My man is kinda into fashion.  OK - he's probably only into fashion because I make him be, but he's a pretty stylish guy all on his own.  But (not so much a negative "but" but just a "but" in general) he wears his chucks all the time.  And I mean ALL THE TIME!

I don't really have a problem with them, but sometimes I want him to change it up.  Throw on those boots (uh-hum, we need to get our money out of those babies) or those wing-tips.  I want to see a little polish now and then . . . please! 

But he is a musician, and everybody knows chucks (and pearl snaps) are the "official" uniform of a musician.

I guess I can't blame him too much.  I pick my favorites too and wear them to death.  (I'm sure the hubs would like to see me wear those 56 million dresses hanging in my closet a little more often than once a year.)

And looky looky, all the dudes decided to play matchy matchy with their shoes this weekend.  Oh wait . . . they were all musicians.  Go figure!

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