Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

I guess we've made it to another end. . . of summer, that is.  Even though I love Fall and could spend all year in it, I'm a little sad to see summer go by so fast this year.  I can't even believe that 3 months ago we were just starting this new season out.  (Where did the time go?!)    

But, here we are - Labor Day.  We're wrapping up all our carefree, effortless summer days to embark on our ambitious fall dreams.  (I always think about You've Got Mail, when Meg Ryan is walking down the street to open her shop with flowers in hand talking about "bouquets of sharpened pencils" - now that is Fall, quintensential Fall!)

You will find me today at one last pool and pizza party with the family.  I'll be soaking up my last tan for the summer.  (Who am I kidding - I don't tan anyways!)  I'll be trying to soak up a tan.  Any little bit of a tan.  Or maybe just a sunburn.

What are your plans today and do you look forward to a new season?  A new chapter?

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