Saturday, September 7, 2013


I have been lucky these past 5 months as I wouldn't really say that I've had a ton of cravings.  (Aversions are more like it, but we'll save that for another post.)  There's the occasional "I need to have this right now" but then it seems to pass, and I don't crave it again.  But lately, cinnamon rolls have hit the spot on more than one occasion, and I'm eating it up!  (Pun intended.)

On a coffee date a couple of weeks ago, I saw the biggest cinnamon roll that was taunting me.  I was good and restrained, but then at the grocery store I thought I'd oblige myself and picked up a pack of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  (You know the kind your mom used to cook before school?)   The hubby and I made them the following weekend, and they were perfection.  I couldn't even remember the last time I had one, but why had I waited so long?  I think now I'm going to try to make my own and vary the flavors a little.  Pumpkin would be so great for Fall!

This post really doesn't say too much except that I am enjoying cinnamon rolls.  There could be worse foods to crave and who knows, I might have more cravings in these last 4 months, and you can bet I'm going to enjoy every bit of it!

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