Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clean Out & Re-do

You can call it "nesting" or whatever suits you, but I am in major clean out & re-do mode.  I know we have 4 1/2 months until bebe will join us in our apartment, but my thoughts are to get the "grunt" work done now so then I can focus on the fun stuff - the nursery!  And since that said nursery will be in the corner of our bedroom for the first couple of months (yes, we will still be in our one bedroom apartment when bebe gets here) I want all this junk in our house gone!

So, first things first - my closet!  I have already cleaned out my shoes, purses, accessories and clothes and have sent them off for donation.  I'll probably do another round once bebe gets closer because I still have WAY TOO MUCH, but it's a start.  Then I'm moving on to the rest of the house - decorations, kitchenware, furniture.  I only want the essentials, and I want everything to feel very minimal and clean yet still have plenty of character (like all the images above.)

I am gravitating toward white and gray in the nursery corner (because bebe's gender will be a surprise), and that has me on a kick to make everything in the house mainly white.  White has always been my first love in interiors and makes any house seem so light and airy, which I love and will probably need once all the bebe stuff starts to take over!

So, now you know what I'll be doing the next couple of out and getting rid of all our excess "stuff" we've accumulated over the past couple of years.  Where, oh where did it all come from?!

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