Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Change

I finally did it!  I chopped my hair off a couple of weeks ago and couldn't love it more!  (Here's a pic the day after it was cut.)  I haven't had short hair in 7 years and it feels so fresh and new for Fall.

I am also loving the fact that cooler weather is starting to creep in (slowly but surely we will be out of the triple digits!)  And you know what that means - bell bottoms, long sleeves and layers...yippee!  Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year, but I'm already noticing that it might be a little tricky this year with this growing bump.  I can still fit into most of my pants, but I just know its only a matter of time before my favorite high-waisted wide legs don't fit any more.  :(  And does anyone know of maternity bell bottoms?  I am definitely going to have to find a pair!

All in all, I'm excited about the new changes ahead and couldn't be happier about this little miracle growing inside me!

photo via here and more of my Fall style here

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Christi said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit, and I'm finally going to come out of the closet and comment! I'm 7 months pregnant myself, and I'm surprisingly still able to fit into my bell bottomed jeans, using either a fold-the-button-down-barely-have-them-zipped trick or by using a hair tie to fasten. You might try Top Shop (I bought some of their maternity skinny jeans early on), or Pea in the Pod. I finally gave in and bought a splurge pair of boyfriend jeans at Pea in the Pod last week and they are soo comfy and worth it. I justified them by, well, my clothes are hardly fitting now, and I'll probably wear them non-stop until our daughter arrives. Heck, maybe I'll labor in them ;)