Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Egg Sandwich A Day

Lately I have been trying to eat more protein (for my health in general, but mainly for this little bebe inside me).  What I used to enjoy every so often has recently become my fave...the egg.  I will always be a carb lover, but this little guy has changed my life.  Instead of my regular toast and jam in the mornings, I have toast and a hard-boiled egg and ta-da!...I'm full until lunch.  And then when lunch rolls around, I simply add an egg to my go-to wrap, and looky there...protein in both my meals so far.

Most people think I'm crazy for never really liking "that much" protein or meat, but it's just how I am.  But maybe not for long...eggs are so easy and quick that they have won me over.

And just look at all the recipes you can make with them.  I am definitely trying these 3 sandwiches above.  Do you have any favorite egg recipes I need to try?

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Anna said...

Hey Lauren - I'm a new reader and love what you have going on here! And I'm hungry, and these eggs sandwiches look bomb. Keep up the good work!