Sunday, June 22, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

This pic sums up our day to day experience perfectly.  You are rolling and moving all over the place.  I usually put you on your play mat while I make breakfast, and this week when I walked in to check on you, I found you like this.  You are a wild and crazy little one!  This 5 month mark is definitely a fun one, but you make me a tired mama some days.  (I love it though!)  

You are talking and yelling up a storm now too.  You make loud crazy noises when you are playing and after you wake up, and then you make soft sweet noises when you are tired and are trying to fall asleep.  Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.  When I'm rocking you, it almost sounds like you are singing yourself to sleep, and then it slowly trails off and your body goes limp and you fall asleep in my arms.  (And then my heart explodes!)  But then when you are awake and playing, you like to yell and grunt and make this weird raspy sound that seems to crack you up.  (It makes your mama and papa crack up too.)

As far as sleep goes, you are doing so much better.  We did some sleep training this past week, and you can now basically put yourself to sleep at  night without crying.  It's pretty awesome, and you are getting much better rest now.  We have a strict bedtime routine, and you seem to love it.  You laugh and smile the whole time we read your book and sing your songs, and then we lay you in your crib and kiss you good night, and you turn your head to the side and fall asleep.  (Some nights you fuss a little to get comfortable, but not for long.)  We are much more rested now because of this and get to enjoy our days with you more since we have some of our energy back.

We love you so much that its not even possible to put down in words.  I can't imagine you not in our lives, little bit.  You make everything better!!!

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