Sunday, July 13, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

My little water baby!  You have absolutely loved every time you've been in the water so far (even when you accidentally dunk your face in and scare your mama to death).  I love it that you're not scared of much and love to hang out and do the things your papa and I enjoy.

This week your "wild factor" has gone through the roof.  You are rolling and scooching all over the place.  (We found you under your crib on Friday with your head sticking out with a big smile!)  You are also talking and screaming up a storm.  (Working those vocals with papa!)  

We introduced more food this week to help fill your little tummy.  You pretty much loved everything you tried, but sweet potato and avocado are still your favorite.  Even though you're pretty messy when you eat, you are the cutest thing ever.  When you're ready for a bite you open your mouth wide and give a good raspy yell all while trying to grab the spoon.  (It makes me laugh so hard, and I almost dropped it on you a couple of times instead of getting it to your mouth.)

With all the wildness and craziness coming out, you are still one sweet and cuddly little boy who loves to be held.  I love that, and I love that you can still take naps on our chest.  Too sweet!

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