Sunday, July 20, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

You are something else!  You've been teething this week and wanting to chew on everything...and I mean everything, including a bottle!  Yes, that's right, you finally are taking a bottle and paci but not for the obvious reasons.  You like to chew on them...not drink, not suck, just chew.  It's actually pretty hilarious; for the past 6 months (that's right too, you're 6 months old!!!) you didn't want anything to do with a bottle or paci, and then all of a sudden you LOVE them.  (Well, you know, love to chew on them.)  This teething phase must really be bad if you are resorting to a bottle to comfort you.  I sure do hope it ends soon, and we see some little white teeth in your mouth because it's so hard to see you in pain and discomfort. But the majority of the time you are happy as can be.  

This mama thing is pretty crazy because I would give absolutely anything to make you feel better.  I would take all the pain you could ever experience in your life and bear it for you and be happy doing it, but unfortunately that's not how it works.  It drives me crazy when you aren't your happy jolly little self 100% of the time.

I love you, bug! 

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