Friday, November 5, 2010

Bits from the Trip

I know it's a bit strange, but on the road trip last weekend, I was just as excited to eat at my favorite College Station joints as to go to the football game.

I had it all planned out, lunch at the quaint sandwich shop, Blue Baker, and dinner at our favorite fast food Mexican venue, Rosa's - back to the college days!

Well, as it turns out Blue Baker has moved! Yes, they moved the small, off-beat, individually owned shop to a highly produced, right in the middle of all the chaos retail space. All the charm was gone, but the sandwiches were still just as good! And of course, Rosa's didn't disappoint.

Loved the artwork in Blue Baker!

We couldn't wait on pictures before hand. We gobbled everything up as fast as we possibly could!

And the game. Right smack in the middle of our eating plans. We were so close - Row 7! And what a wonderful game - Aggies came out with the victory!

All images via the hubby and me (shakeit photo app for iphone)

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