Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dressing Room - Yes, Please!

Could these possibly be true? These closets, excuse me, dressing rooms, are like an urban myth. I am definitely adding a dressing room to the dream house wish list. (Yes, I know its super long and ridiculously expensive by now - but that's why it's called a "dream" house!)

I don't know how the hubby is going to feel about giving me a whole room for clothes, shoes and accessories, but maybe a little bribe will do the trick - recording studio! Just look how the sofa, wall paper and luxurious decorations make the spaces so inviting - I need! I don't think I would ever leave.

I really don't think getting dressed in the morning (or anytime of the day) could get any better than having a wonderful "dressing room" such as these! I'll be having good dreams tonight of my new, beautiful, very own dressing room, and then rudely awakened in the morning when I have to get ready in my tiny, crowded closet. (And believe it or not, I have half my stuff in the hubby's closet as well! - I truly need the extra space!)

images via decorology and coco kelley

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