Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In The City part 2

So here they are - finally!  The last of my NYC pics.  It seems like my favorites are brownstones and breakfast each morning.  (It was my favorite time of the day for 2 reasons.  1) I was gearing myself up for all we were about to do and 2) the hubby and I rarely ever have a leisurely breakfast together here at home, so it was nice to enjoy that time together.)

I wanted to take pictures upon pictures so I could remember and enjoy everything afterwards, but it turns out that it's better (WAY better) to just enjoy everything in REAL time.  (And I didn't want to be one of THOSE tourists!  You know what I mean?) 

Sometimes I get so caught up in what's next and what needs to be done that I don't get to experience the moment to the fullest.  (Do you ever struggle with that?)  And that's why I love taking trips with just the hubby and me - we don't plan a lot, and we just go out and enjoy the experience.  Perfect vacation in my book! 

(And a really cute travel buddy!)


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