Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brighten Up Your Life

images via erin ever after and bright bazaar

A lot of people are afraid of color in their homes. Now, as I am one who loves my white, our house is actually very colorful and bright. I didn't tend for it to be that way; it just sort of evolved on its own (yes, with my shopping help of course.) I do think color adds an eclectic vibe that can not be achieved with white alone. (Though varying the shades of white can help a lot, giving the space that depth needed to create comfort.)

There is so much that can be done, but I think most people just settle for some catalog version of what they think they want. Why would you leave your home, style, life in someone else's manufactured, mass produced vision? (OK, enough of my rant.)

Bottom line - you can create absolutely any stunning room with colors or no colors. Just take a leap!

As of now, I'm loving colors. I will probably change and then come back and then change again as the ever evolving styles of my heart play out. But, let's enjoy color for a while!

PS - Just to brighten up your day, the next time you buy something for your home, buy something bright! A bright picture, vase, chair, or if you're really daring - couch! (That's next on my wish list!) See how it makes you feel.

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